Feed them well, feed them as healthy as possible!

An imperative that for us companions of dogs and cats goes through strict choices in the daily diet and a careful reading of the labels of foods ready on the market.

What they eat is fundamental to their lives both in terms of longevity and well-being. When we go shopping for our 4-legged friends, just like when we do it for us, we have the duty to inform ourselves, to read the labels and to know what we are buying.

After careful research based on the study of labels, composition and analytical components, we offer you the best brands of pet food on the market, to offer our 4-legged friends biologically adequate food; a commercial diet as close as possible to what their nature requires.

Our selection of food products also depends on other factors such as the appropriate percentage of protein, carbohydrates and quality fats, based on the caloric needs of the animal that vary depending on age, physical activity and particular conditions such as pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Our assortment is not vast, simply because we have chosen the suppliers with particular attention and selected only really quality products whose first ingredient in the composition is the "meat of ..." or the fish and strictly discarded all those products in whose composition there are animal by-products and flours, preservatives and chemical dyes. The quality of the selected raw materials are the basis for proper nutrition.

Petvago wants to be your trusted shop!

We reserve our animal friends the same care and attention that we devote to loved ones. Thanks to our experience in the field and seeing our 4-legged friends improve in health and vitality, we have brought these products together in one reality.