We are a team of humans and animals and our passion, path of study and experience in the field was born PETVAGO the online store for dogs and cats of food and accessories, carefully selected and 100% natural.

The Idea of ​​this store was created to promote their well-being and to reciprocate in small part all the love that they show us every day.

As the owner of two beautiful dogs, Alice and Sofia, I confess that my happiness is directly proportionate to their state of health and well-being! if they are happy, I am too!

Over the years we have looked for our 4-legged friends of products that would guarantee their health and their happiness, until we decided to gather all our experience in a small shop offering to all those who have a family like ours the possibility to give the best. We have tried on our animals the results that can be obtained with a careful selection of food and accessories, and we would like to prove to you how important it is to avoid giving them what we would never give to our children and ourselves.

Here you will find the selection of the best products biologically adapted to the needs of your friends and we offer a series of free services for you and your furry friend.

PETVAGO wants to be a very precious reference point for those who own a dog or a cat and want to offer only the best.

We offer foods that share a great quality as well as being strictly free of chemical additives, preservatives and dyes.

This site deserves to be considered special and really offers something more than the classic.

The shop is online but with the possibility to collect the goods directly from our warehouse.