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High quality wet food without cereals for sterilized cats. Prepared according to the principles of bionutrition, it is rich in fiber to promote intestinal transit and protein from meat. It is ideal for keeping the weight of the sterilized cats under control.

Flavors available:

- beef and raspberries

- tuna and olives

- trout and cat grass

- chicken and cat grass

- quail and blueberries

- salmon and currant



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From the Grana Pura Natura wet sterilized cat is a monoprotein food with meat bred in Italy for human consumption, present at 95% of the total ingredients.

Rich in proteins, to maintain a consistent muscle mass in cats with weight problems Together with a balanced intake of vegetables and fats, it helps the cat to maintain its own weight with the addition of raspberries and medicinal herbs, which make the unique recipe for flavor and combination of ingredients.

This moist food for sterilized cats is also holistic, biological and natural, it does not contain synthetic products but only top quality meat and officinal herbs harvested in Italy and cultivated without the use of chemical products.



Dalla Grana Mangimi is an Italian company that offers feeds for organic and high quality dogs and cats.

The medicinal herbs of which they are rich are grown in the magnificent Val Liona in the Berici Hills and the meats are exclusively from ground-based farms, controlled and destined for human consumption, deprived of some parts. The meats are strictly controlled and the medicinal herbs are without any chemical substance. Total absence of dyes, artificial preservatives and appetizers.

The love for four-legged friends is also evident in the application, within the production, of the Bionutrizione animal that aims to achieve the ideal form state considering that the food is the nourishment of the organs and cells of the body, the which directly determines physical and mental health.

Moreover, Dalla Grana is a company that does not resort to animal experimentation, producing only "cruelty free" feeds.

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