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Blue cat bowl, made with natural vegetable fibers derived from rice and bamboo, with a rigid consistency, 100% biodegradable and ecological.

Eco-compatible bowl produced in a sustainable and entirely biodegradable way. Resistant over time respecting the environment. Dishwasher safe.



Eco-friendly dog ​​bowl Eco-compatible dog bowl cruelty free


The Blue Bowl Beco Bowl for Cat is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. From recycled cardboard and vegetable fibers are born eco-sustainable products of the highest quality, absolutely recyclable and biodegradable.

Plant fiber is the most important material in the range, about 80% of the material is made of bamboo plant fibers and rice by-products that are materials from agriculture. These are mixed with a biodegradable resin created from amino acids with a plastic consistency.


It has a lower edge to facilitate the meal to our cat, and the surface of this bowl has a matte finish that makes sure that your cat is not afraid of lights or reflections.

Produced in a sustainable and entirely biodegradable way, this cat bowl is durable over time respecting the environment and is dishwasher safe.



It is important to regularly wash the bowl to ensure that it lasts over time. The bowls are dishwasher-safe, but at the same time they are natural products that need to be treated with care and respect.



The English company Beco is an important reference point in the pet market that works with a sustainable and ecological philosophy. In fact, its products are studied in full respect of the environment and pets, the accessories are in fact biodegradable as well as the packaging and the food produced fully respects this philosophy with natural recipes based on fresh meats, botanical herbs, fruit and local vegetables.

Beco is strictly cruelty free, better for our four-legged friends, better for the environment and all packaging is recyclable and made of compostable materials



Bowl made of natural vegetable fibers derived from rice and bamboo;

Biodegradable accessory, 100% recyclable;

Eco-sustainable material: 100% zero impact on the environment;

Lively and harmonious color;

Dishwasher safe;

Low edge to facilitate the meal;

Anti-reflective opaque surface;

Consistency: solid like a traditional plastic bowl;

Cruelty free product: no experimentation on animals;

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