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Our products do not know the word NOIA!

No more boring and sad accessories, it's time to bet on color ... it will brighten your days!

The set consists of bib and leash; original products, fashionable and practical for you and your dog that you will not find anywhere else.

Show the world that you and your dog create the perfect couple!


Recommended for dogs of all races and ages. Thanks to their construction, the vertebral column of the dog is not loaded and the pressure spreads uniformly over the whole body. They have adjustments in four points, thanks to which they can be easily and quickly adapted to the animal.


Our products are made by passionate people, characterized by accuracy and attention to detail. 100% handmade products, carefully chosen by Petvago for you!

- Can be washed in the washing machine


Colored ribbon, double sided, very resistant and soft. The harness is equipped with welded fittings and strong black buckles.


the bibs are one of the most popular dog accessories. Essential no. 1 on the dog's shopping list that will not make you fat.


The original design of the model will not only attract the eyes of passers-by, but will also allow your dog to stand out among dog friends.

Size guide:


Neck circumference: 20-35 cm

Breast circumference: 35-50 cm

Back length: 8 cm

Length of the sternum belt: 10-15 cm

Recommended tape width: 20mm


Neck circumference: 30-45 cm

Chest circumference: 40-60 cm

Back length: 12 cm

Length of the sternum belt: 15-20 cm

Recommended tape width: 25mm


Neck circumference: 40-60 cm

Breast circumference: 50-75 cm

Back length: 14 cm

Length of the sternum belt: 18-24 cm

Recommended belt width: 35mm


Standard length 110 cm

tape width 20 mm recommended for harnesses size S

tape width 25 mm recommended for harnesses size M / L


According to a study on dog locomotion, the "Jenaer studie zur fortbewegung hunden" conducted from 2006 to 2010, the rotation point of the dog's forelimb is located on the upper edge of the scapula and not in the shoulder joint as in humans. Therefore, during the movement, a harness with a horizontal strap (see Norwegian harness) is restrictive for the physiological movement of the limb just as a rubber band inhibits the physiological movement of the arm. This also brings home the importance of choosing a harness that does not hamper the natural mobility of the shoulder area. This means that there should not be straps around the scapula or horizontally to the chest.

* the proposed harnesses are in line with the study

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