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100% vegetable snack for dogs, suitable for correct oral hygiene and to keep fresh breath, made 100% from organic ingredients, which are grown in compliance with the agricultural ecosystem.

Produced entirely in Italy for a delicious breakfast.

Given its naturalness it is also suitable for puppies and dogs with sensitive digestion.

Available in three sizes.


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The dog snack Officinalis Dentalstick buongiorno is the first biological dental stick with a soft and enveloping consistency. Contains plant extracts with beneficial effects for teeth and gums, its consistency and formulation promotes the cleaning of the teeth up to the gingiva thanks to the fibers of the fruit and its components.

100% vegetable: contains organic wheat that together with aromatic and medicinal herbs provide freshness and naturalness to the snack.

This snack comes in the form of a star stick and there are more pieces in the package, in three sizes:

Mini Snack: about 7.5cm long and 1cm in diameter;

Medium Snack: about 8.5cm long and 1.5cm in diameter;

Snack Maxi: about 7.5cm long and 2cm in diameter.

This innovative Dentalstick with Strawberry and Sage is the version of Buongiorno to give freshness and vitality for a tasty breakfast of the dog. Perfect to offer your pet a tasty break with the right balance between taste and quality!

The Officinalis snack formula contains only 100% natural and organic ingredients completely free from pesticides, artificial additives, colorings or preservatives and are made with natural and healthy processing methods, to make this snack unique and very tasty even for palates demanding.


Strawberry: abounds in vitamin C, promotes the absorption of iron, strengthens the capillaries reducing water retention. The beneficial action is strengthened by potassium, a mineral of which strawberries are rich;

 plant with high antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. It also has a high hypoglycaemic action, helping to reduce the blood glucose level;

Horsetail: plant rich in silica for a slightly abrasive effect;


Officinalis is a brand of Bruno Dalla Grana, an Italian company founded in 1928 in the province of Vicenza that thanks to the love for nature and animals and a natural and organic production philosophy, today offers absolutely natural lines of cosmetics, supplements, foods and snacks for animals containing only ingredients free of pesticides, hormones and GMOs.

The aromatic and medicinal plants and cereals are all organic, controlled and cultivated by the company itself.

Dalla Grana is also a cruelty free company.



Snacks for dogs of all ages;

100% vegetable;

Formulated for correct oral hygiene both for its shape and for the functional ingredients that compose it;

Also perfect as a delicious breakfast and a snack outside the meal;

100% natural: 0% dyes, 0% apetizers, 0% GMOs;

100% organic: security for credit;

Organic officinal herbs cultivated in Italy;

Italian product;

Cruelty free Snack: no animal test;



Wheat starch *, Wheat flour *, glycerin sorbitol, Dehydrated strawberry 2%, calcium carbonate, xanthan gum, horsetail, sage * 0.1%.


humidity 24.70%, crude protein 3.00%, crude oils and fats 0.7%, crude fiber 0.9%, crude ash 1.91%.

Additives (Kg) technological additives: Flavoring, Preservatives.

Organoleptic additives: Aromas.

* 100% ingredients of biological origin.

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