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Short description

The green Beco Bowl folding travel bowl is made of silicone. This material makes it durable, non-toxic and flexible enough to be folded on itself and carried comfortably with it.

Thanks to its compact design, the Beco Bowl travel bowl will follow you everywhere, so your four-legged friend will not miss a meal while traveling together.

Bowls and color dimensions:

S 14.5 cm - Rose

M 18.5 cm - Green

L 22 cm - Blue



Eco-friendly dog ​​bowl Eco-compatible dog bowl cruelty free


The Beco Bowl folding travel bowl in green silicone, is a bowl with non-toxic material, not harmful to health, unbreakable, soft even at low temperatures and resistant to high temperatures, has an exceptional life span. Its impact on the environment is irrelevant, unlike other products in current use.


The folding bowl thanks to the material of which it is made, the silicone, is: hygienic, practical, durable, eco-friendly, soft but strong. Its softness helps to take it with you without taking up too much space and thanks to the fact that it is foldable it could fit comfortably in your bag or backpack.


Silicone: it is a polymer made from silica contained in rocks and sand. Silica is a natural resource among the most widespread on the earth. Used for centuries for the production of glass, this raw material is currently used for the production of components for various sectors.



The English company Beco is an important reference point in the pet market that works with a sustainable and ecological philosophy. In fact, its products are studied in full respect of the environment and pets, the accessories are in fact biodegradable as well as the packaging and the food produced fully respects this philosophy with natural recipes based on fresh meats, botanical herbs, fruit and local vegetables.

Beco is strictly cruelty free, better for our four-legged friends, better for the environment and all packaging is recyclable and made of compostable materials



Bowl made of silicone;

Eco-sustainable material: 100% zero impact on the environment;

Lively and harmonious color;

Foldable and easy to carry;

Consistency: soft and soft, solid base;

Cruelty free product: no experimentation on animals;

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