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Technical features

SPONGINA PET WASH is a unique sponge with 3 functions:

wash the dog best;

remove excess hair;

leave the hair shiny and soft!

Thanks to the innovative material in which it is made, after softening SPONGINA PET WASH under running water, just pour a few drops of shampoo into the central hole and squeeze the sponge to develop the foam, so you use less shampoo: you protect the environment and you save!

Find out how to use it!

1. Soak Spongina Pet Wash under running water

2. Put a few drops of shampoo in the central part of Spongina Pet Wash (the gray one)

3. Squeeze the sponge well to develop the foam

4. Have fun!

- SMALL Sponge To clean ears and small areas well

- GREAT To wash your dog well

SPONGINA PET WASH is a cuddle and wash the dog well!


SPONGINA PET WASH is part of the SPONGINA line of Mugue, the innovative range of sponges unique in their kind.

The SPONGINA line was created mainly to meet the needs of a practical grooming for the pet ... and to simplify the lives of the owners, thanks to the study and the combination of different materials to ensure the products functionality, effectiveness and durability over time.

Made with hypoallergenic materials;

developed for the pet world;

washable and reusable many times.


Natural rubber sponge + expanded polyurethane resin.


It is a Mugue product entirely made in Italy.

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