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Product Code: Pelù Batteri stop spazzola adesiva igienizzante 28008/12
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Field of application

All types of fabric and suede and all surfaces that need sanitizing treatment: pillows, mattresses, non-washable guards of all kinds, car mats, soles and shoe insoles, jeans, jackets ...

Three functions

Removes over 90% of the environmental bacteria present *.

It releases particles of plant extracts with proven sanitizing action.

Cleans and removes perfectly hair, dandruff, hair from any type of fabric.


Practical shockproof and non-stick rigid casing with aroma saver cap.


Ergonomic Italian design. Produced in three pieces to guarantee maximum smoothness.

The hook has been designed for all exhibitors according to European standards. The handle becomes a practical hook for all cabinets.

Technical features

This adhesive brush is made of first quality scented siliconised Italian paper.

The medical adhesive is added with pure essential oils, including thyme and cloves.

Optimal adhesive for use in both hot and cold climatic conditions.

Easy detachment of the used sheet. Length: 10 meters, or more than 60 pre-cut sheets.


This product, born from a scientific research is guaranteed because it is tested in efficacy at the University of Milan.

It has proven effective in action by removing over 90% of the environmental bacteria present *.

Designed, patented and produced in Italy by Mugue.

European patent # 2249637; US patent # 8,608,860.

(* Tested at the University of Milan in experimental conditions on environmental bacterial pools and Escherichia Coli)

Before using it directly on the garment, it is advisable to test the fabric / suede in a small portion on the reverse side.

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