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Dry shampoo for dogs and cats based on natural extracts of organic Chamomile, indicated for light mantles; It is used without water. With micellar water rich in active ingredients. The action of chamomile for a natural product with a lightening effect. Without dyes and chemical fragrances, it is a natural, hypoallergenic and phytotherapeutic product.



feed without chemical products cruelty freeshampoo made in Italy


Officinalis Camomilla dry shampoo is dedicated to dogs and cats that have a light mantle, as the officinal plant acts with a slight lightening effect on the hair.

Thanks to 95% of natural chamomile extracts, obtained from pure chemical-free agriculture, the active ingredients contained are free to penetrate the hair and the skin, softening it and making it pleasantly clean.

Not having rinse, the plant substances penetrate deep into the skin and fur, also soothing any reddening and respecting the PH of the skin. The dry shampoo with chamomile also gives a special scent, perfectly tolerated by the animals that perceive it as similar and which is proposed calming and relaxing both in dogs and cats.

Micellar water technology rich in active ingredients absorbs the dirt in the micelles, releases the active ingredients of the plants in the hair and in the skin and contains very little surfactant (washing agent) does not irritate and is therefore well tolerated even by sensitive skin.

A true panacea for cleaning without water, the hair will rediscover new beauty and 100% natural fragrances are only extracted from the plant and therefore well tolerated by dogs and cats.



Since 1928 Officinalis, an Italian company located in the province of Vicenza, deals with the production of shampoos and supplements for animals, using the extracts obtained from fresh medicinal plants grown in the valley of the Berici Hills.

These are officinal plants grown in purity from chemical free farming by the same company, to get the most from nature and offer safe products for our 4-legged friends. Officinalis is also a cruelty free company.



Dry shampoo for dogs and cats with light mantle;

Cleans without water;

The active ingredients are released on the skin in an active and effective way;

Contains 95% of plant substances obtained from pure chemical-free agriculture;

PH cutaneous 6.5-7 equal to that of dogs and cats;

Perfume related to the smell of animals;

Naturally lightens the coat of light-colored dogs and cats;

It sweetens the skin and soothes skin irritations;

Zero content of chemical preservatives, parabens, silicones, aggressive surfactants and animal derivatives;

Neutralizes bad odors in a natural way;

It makes the coat soft and shiny;

Promotes the removal of dead hair;

Easy to apply;


Safe for the environment and for the health of the animal;

Hypoallergenic, suitable for all subjects;

Traceable origin of all the components;

Chemical free plants: grown without chemicals;

Italian product;



Spray evenly on the dry surface of the dog and the cat at a distance of about 30 cm.

Wait 2-3 minutes and wipe with a dry cloth several times on the hair.

PELO CORTO: pass the hair and counter cloth

LONG PELOUS: pass the cloth only in the direction of the hair

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes

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