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Technical features

SPONGINA PET is the only sponge rubber able to capture animal hair (both long and short), dust, hair, dandruff ... from kennels, sofas, car seats, carpets, clothes ... helping to reduce the problem of deposited hairs on home surfaces and fabrics.

You can also use directly on the hair of the animal removing only the hair already detached and significantly reducing the amount of hair lost around the house!

It is not necessary to add water for its use.

Washable under running water, it is reusable many times.

Find out how to use it!

DO NOT add water. Switch Pet Spongina on the surfaces to be cleaned: the hairs will disappear! Spongina Pet can also be passed on the animal: it will collect the hairs already detached reducing the amount of hair lost! A cuddle for the four-legged friend.

- GREAT Sponge to remove hairs, dust etc. from all surfaces

- SMALL Sponge for your four-legged friend

SPONGINA PET is a cuddle for our mascot Giulia:

SPONGINA PET makes hairs disappear on the cat's scratching post Titino:


SPONGINA PET is part of the SPONGINA line of Mugue, the innovative range of sponges unique in their kind.

The SPONGINA line was created mainly to meet the needs of a practical grooming for the pet ... and to simplify the lives of the owners, thanks to the study and the combination of different materials to ensure the products functionality, effectiveness and durability over time.

Made with hypoallergenic materials;

developed for the pet world;

washable and reusable many times.

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